Feel the rush of adrenaline and all the realism of F1 racing with our augmented reality simulators. Challenge your friends in competition and feel what it’s like it is to be a Formula 1 driver.

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Made in the USA and built by special order, with materials similar to the original bodies.


Platform focused on experiential entertainment for activations, brands or people.


Imagine competing with friends locally or online with players from around the world.


The Simulator is equipped with a suspension motor, pressure sensitive pedals and multiple acceleration changes.

Your entertainment is simulated, the experience is real...

Experiential and Event marketing

Driving our simulator gives you a unique experience. Our vibration system, steering recoil, and brake pressure will “vibrate” you into a new reality.

Brand Recognition and Positioning

It allows users to compete globally with our online racing and ranking.

New Product Launches and Retail Stores.

Sim F1X provides a unique experience to expose your products or company in a different, fun and innovative way. It’s a great entertainment strategy for your potential customers where you offer a unique alternative that will close sales and promote your brand.

VIP Entertainment Opportunities

Attendees at your events have the possibility to connect emotionally with the brand, getting them to remember it and talk about it thanks to the unique entertainment obtained with the F1X Sim.


Activate your brand with the best entertainment experience

Product endorsements

Driving our simulator gives you a unique experience. Our vibration system, steering recoil, and brake pressure will “vibrate” you into a new reality.

Public Relations Campaigns

Through our activations, users get an amplified experience via physical performances. These promote a “I have to belong” kind of attitude making attendees feel the need to feel the experience. This encourages interaction from brands amongst different audiences to expand your customer portfolio.

Consumer Promotions

Our product provokes emotional stimulation as users feel surprise, intrigue or adrenaline. This interaction beneficial for brands to create unique consumer promotions.

Networking and Public Relations growth

Including our simulator packages in your product launches, is an incredible way to create that ever so sought after “perfect moment” that will truly be worth sharing via all social media.

Feel the power of the F1X Experience

Real action feel in our shaking/movement system, visual system, steering wheel, sound, control pedals, gear shifts and much more…

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Frequent Questions

Have a question, read our frequently asked questions and discover how F1X works:

Feel free to email us or call us at any time at 1 (561) 762-8324

Visit our online rate configurator to build and quote your Sim F1X simulator today

The Sim F1X simulator is not sold but is available for rent. Call us or send us an email to get an estimate for the rental.

Our payment methods are: bank transfer, check and American Express. A 50% deposit is required by the simulator at the time of making your rental as a guarantee. See the configurator for additional information.

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Do you want to try the F1X simulator and feel the experience of F1?, Contact us to today schedule a meeting and live the most realistic, immersive entertainment experience the top class of racing…Formula 1.